• synopsis

    Nina and Ben have been together for many years. They have a three-year-old daughter. Their first vacation without their child leads them to the south: to Formentera, an island in the Mediterranean. Caressed by the sun and the warm winds they enjoy their freedom from the necessities of everyday life. Finally they have some time on their own. But during a wild beach party the paradise turns into hell: Ben is flirting with the young and beautiful Mara and at the end of the night Mara und Nina dive into the dark sea. Nina is drifted away and only just manages to get back on land on a different island. Mara, however, has gone missing... Nina and Ben are caught in a deep crisis, questioning everything they once believed in. The sunny island turns into a darkroom, rendering visible what has been concealed: doubts concerning the plans they had for their lives and a quiet grief over a reality that may only be accepted.

  • cast and crew

    cast Sabine Timoteo, Thure Lindhardt,

    Ilse Ritter, Tatja Seibt, Christian Brückner,

    Geoffrey Layton, Vicky Krieps, Frank Bruneau



    Ann-Kristin Reyels, Antonia Rothe, Kathrin Milhahn

    director Ann-Kristin Reyels

    casting Ulrike Müller

    dop Henner Besuch

    editor Halina Daugird

    set design Peter Weiss

    costume design Manfred Schneider

    sound Andreas Mücke

    production manager Heino Herrenbrück

    commissioning editors Christian Cloos ZDF,

    Anne Even ZDF / ARTE, Georg Steinert / ARTE

    producer Titus Kreyenberg


    in coproduction with

    ZDF / Das Kleine Fernsehspiel, ARTE

    and The Post Republic

  • festivals and awards

    Berlinale Formum 2012, Indie Lisboa 2012, Festival des dt. Films Ludwigshafen 2012, Montreal, Paris