• synopsis

    Living with Hannah is anything but easy. She is young and pretty, but also deeply mysterious and enigmatic. Floating between her bare apartment and gloomy photo lab, she has wrapped herself in a cocoon of unapproachability. Neither her work colleagues nor her partner, daughter or parents can pierce Hannah’s armour of rules, rituals and barriers. As this artificial sense of security is successively infiltrated by an anonymous stranger, Hannah’s life slowly but surely turns into a thriller that will blur the boundaries between real danger and her inner demons. In her quest to confront the invisible enemy, Hannah re-establishes contact with her past and her equally repressed present.

  • cast and crew

    cast Nina Hoss, Matthias Brandt, Wolfram Koch, Marie-Lou Sellem, Milan Peschel


    writer Sönke Lars Neuwöhner

    director Erica von Moeller

    dop Sophie Maintigneux

    editor Gesa Marten

    set design Birgit Esser

    costume design Barbara Kökenhoff

    producer Titus Kreyenberg


    in collaboration with ZDF/Das Kleine Fersehspiel

    funded by Film und Medienstiftung nrw

  • festivals and awards

    Nominations :

    MfG Shooting Star Award 2006,

    Deutscher Kamerapreis 2006


    Shanghai IFF, Miami IFF, Cinema Tout Ecran,Woches des deutschen Films, Paris; Internationale Hofer Filmtage; Kinofest Lünen;